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My cake pricing is based upon a number of factors.  

There is a set price, based on the size of the cake and whether it is sponge or fruit, and this price reflects the cost of the ingredients plus a charge for preparing and baking the cake. The cost of a basic fondant covering is also included. These are as follows ;
For a multi-tiered cake (such as a wedding cake), this is the price per tier.  
If you require a 3D cake, the number of cakes used to build up the design may be more than just one.
The cost of a board and box is included in the above price.
The final price of the cake is then determined by the complexity of the decorative work (which is charged at an hourly rate). Naturally, more complex designs will increase the final cost but I'm always happy to discuss your requirements before agreeing a quote.
I do offer a free delivery service within 5 miles of my premises but anything further is charged at 45p per mile.  Of course, you're always welcome to collect your order at a mutually convenient time.

I am unable to accept payment by cheque but I can supply details to enable payment by Bank Transfer or you can stop by our new shop and pay by cash or card.

Please be aware that in order to carve complex shapes (such as vehicles and animals etc.) these cakes HAVE to be made from Madeira AND NOT Victoria Sponge and will therefore be of a more dense consistency.
All of my cakes are covered with a layer of dark chocolate ganache before applying fondant. This is to ensure a smooth, sharp finish to the cake.  On request, I am able to substitute white or milk chocolate instead of dark.


(minimum quantity 4 for bespoke orders)      

    Standard (inc. GF) Cupcake

    Vegan Cupcake

    Standard Mini-Cupcake

    Vegan Mini-Cupcake

    Standard Muffin

    Vegan Muffin

    Standard Tray Bake

    Vegan Tray Bake

Discounts apply as follows ;


For 12+ Cupcakes - Less 10%

For 24+ Cupcakes - Less 15%  

In store

For 6+ Cupcakes - Less 10%


CAKE TOPPERS  (when sold separately)

These are priced individually, dependant upon your requirements and the complexity of your design and the cost is calculated differently to cake and cupcake toppers, falling broadly into these four categories :





Personalised Caricatures 

From £28.00     
From £49.00     
From £53.00     
From £69.00
From £39.00   From £58.00   
From £85.00   From £120.00

£2.50 each 

£3.00 each

£1.75 each

£2.00 each

£2.50 each

£3.00 each

£1.75 each

£2.00 each

From £5.00

From £10.00

From £20.00

From £35.00

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